Kolomenskoe museum. Newly Obtained Monument of 17th Century


Kolomenskoe museum. Newly Obtained Monument of 17th Century.

June 16th 2011 the 17th century masterpiece of Russian wooden architecture was opened in Kolomenskoe museum, Moscow. It is Saint George church shipped from the banks of Severnaya Dvina. This unique monument was discovered by Ivan Glazunov, Russian artist, in 1997 during his Russian North exhibitions.

After overcoming all kind of bureaucratic obstacles connected with reservation and shipping of monuments from remote uninhabited villages of Archangelsk taiga, the church was restored and established in Kolomenskoe museum. This unique masterpiece of the 17th century Russian architecture will be soon opened for visitors. It will be placed in Moscow among other wooden architectural monuments, saved from oblivion by Baranovsky, an outstanding architect.

Thus 17th century building will appear in Moscow. This is a very important event in Moscow cultural life. At the present moment it will be the only authentic wooden church of the 17th century in Moscow.

Kolomenskoe Moscow State Museum located in 39, Avenue Yury Andropov, Moscow 115487. Contact telephone +7 499 612 5217, +7 499 615 2771 fax: +7 499 612 1155

for press inquiries + 7 499 614 8880


Dear friends!

I am very happy to share with you this greatest news. After hard and long battle with bureaucracy we have finally achieved serious victory in shipping and restoration of St. George church found in Archangelsk wild woods with the help and hard work of great many people who sincerely love and care for the Russian culture.

However let us not talk about problems. Hereby I would like to thank all of you who have helped to make our dream true. I hope it will be a kind, optimistic sample and inspiration for all those who are trying to save dying monuments of the Russian culture and history for the sake of our children. We do admit that this is not an easy task. However we are sure that our saving of St George church has inspired those who can not be indifferent to vanishing Russian civilization. Now we all have a hope that instead of just feeling sorry for the vanishing past, we can unite efforts of unique restorers, historic scientists, local enthusiasts, those who work in museums and good willing officials (they do exist!) and all together we can turn the process backwards and keep memories of those whose art work brought strength and sincerity of feelings, strong faith and spiritual richness.

Harmony of structure and simplicity developed by many generations of Russian craftsmen brings back freshness and pureness of our feelings lost in the modern world of fake complicated architecture and simplified consumer civilization.

In the nearest future we will publish a detailed history of St. George church itself and the place where it used to be, stories about the people who was somehow connected with this church, we hope to restore the lost page of our history and add it to the ruined Russian North chronicles. In June issue of “Nashe Nasledie”(Our Inheritance) magazine our article about the church is to be published. We definitely hope that you will share this delight with us. You are mostly welcome to come with your children, your friends, touch the old wooden rough-hew walls, constructed by hands of 17th century Russian carpenters, you might even hear some fading sounds of echoes chant.

Ivan and Yulia Glazunov