Ivan Glazunov was born on the 13th of October, 1969, at Moscow. He lives and works as a painter at Moscow.

1988-1994 - education in the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow (Professor Ilya Glazunov workshop of Portrait).

1994-1996 - works as an Assistant Intern in the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture and then becomes a lecture there.

1996-1999 - Docent, head of a chair of composition in the  Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture .

Since 1997 - a head of the workshop of Historical Painting.

1999 - obtaining the rank of Professor.

Since 2001 - leading an artist group of the  Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, which painted the Dormition of Virgin Mary church on Ivan Glazunov scetches in Verhnyaya Pyshma near Yekaterinburg.

1997-1999 - work for the Great Kremlin Palace: painting 18 portraits of Russian Tsars-warriors for the antechamber, sketches of interiors, furniture, moulding, mirrors, chandeliers, wall panels, decorative bás-reliefs "Glory to the Russian arms".

Main paintings:

The Christening of Novgorod (1988)

Cycle "Kolomenskoe" (1992-1993)

Cycle "Ustyug the Great" (1993)

Crucify Him (1994)

The Wife (1995)

Family Portrait (2003)

Cycle of women in Russian costumes portraits

The Great Princess Eudoxia (2005)


Hamburg Art Gallery (1990)

"The New Names of Russian Realism", Saint-Petersburg, Manege (1995), Samara (1996)

Christmas art exhibition at Russian Gallery in Tallinn (2002)

Exhibition of historical paintings "Millenary Russia: the ways of life". The All-Russian Museum of arts and crafts, Moscow (2003)

"Russia, Russia, guard yourself", Cherepovets (2003)

"The Moscow Artists Exhibition", Manege, Saint-Petersburg (2005)

The exhibition dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the  Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture foundation, Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", Moscow (2007).

"250-year of Russian Academy of Arts", Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", Moscow (2007).

"Light to the World", Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", Moscow (2007).

"Moscow Family", Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", Moscow (2008).

Since 1996 the artist has become a member of creative Artists Trade Union of Russia (International Federation of Artists).