Luana Zanella (Councillor of Culture and International Relations of the City of Venice)

For centuries a crossroad of different cultures, outpost of the Mediterranean and various visions of the world, Venice has always been in a harmonious relationship with the contemporary art, beyond the restricted perimeter of single exhibition spaces and venues. Even more so, when the quality of the work, as in this case, re-launches the solid connection with the highest models of the European pictorial tradition.

Ivan Glazunov, a young Russian artist and one of the most accomplished of his generation, combines in his oils and frescoes the suggestions of the present with the rich tradition of his country, among the immutable horizons of the great Russian landscape and the sumptuous iconography that animates the realism of his human subjects. It is an honour, therefore, to be able to support an initiative that re-launches, in the lagoon, the crystalline suggestions of an important artistic experience, one of the most interesting among the Russian painting of our time.